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Pump Repair

Many infusion pumps are no longer supported by the OEM. With Tenacore, you can extend the life of your IV pumps without the need to invest and upgrade.

At Tenacore, we understand your needs and expectations; therefore, we offer the highest quality repair in the nation. Our OEM certified engineers and technicians are available to perform the simplest to the most complex board and component level repairs.

Our quick turnaround allows for most repairs to be done in 2-5 business days. We offer a complete 6 month warranty for all of our services. Each pump evaluated and repaired by Tenacore follows a treaceable, ISO- 13485:2003 certified process.

  • Flat rate repair programs available
  • Replacement part manufactured on-site


  • Baxter InfusO.R.
  • Baxter PCAII
  • Baxter AS40A/AS50
  • Baxter iPump
  • Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 & 6301
  • Baxter Colleague C1, C3, CX, CX3
  • Baxter APII
  • B Braun NXT Horizon
  • B Braun Outlook 100, 200, 300,400
  • Medfusion 3010, 3010a
  • Medfusion 3500
  • Medfusion 2001
  • Medfusion 2010, 2010i
  • Hospira Gemstar
  • Hospira Lifecare 5000 (Plum 1.6)
  • Hospira Lifecare PCA
  • Hospira Plum XL, 3XL
  • Hospira Plum A+, A+3
  • Mini-infuser 150XL
  • Mini-infuser 300XL
  • McGaw Infuser360ESP Excelsior
  • Abbott APM II
  • Alaris Imed Gemini PC-1, PC-2,PC-2TX

    Not on the list? Give us a call at 1-800 297-2241, the list is always growing!