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Beds / Gurneys

We work on all make and models.
Service available on site and at our repair depot.
Preventative maintenance, repairs, overhauls.

  • Internal and external visual inspection
  • Verify all electrical and electronic systems and commands
  • Internal dusting and cleaning
  • Lubricate all hinged parts and screws
  • Verify all electrical connections
  • Verify and calibrate brake systems
  • Verify foot and head board condition
  • Lubricate and tighten all side rails
  • Secure all plastic covers and pieces that loosen over time
  • Lubricate wheel bearings
  • General cleaning of casters
  • General cleaning of the entire bed frame
  • Safety check
  • Calibrate bed scale
Propaq Defibrilator

Propaq Defibrillator

G400 Workstation

G400 Workstation

At Tenacore, we are always expanding our repair capabilities.

Below is a list of other equipment we can support for your hospital.

Surgical Equipment

  • ARTHROCARE Atlas Electrosurgical Unit
  • ARTHROCARE Footswitch
  • AQUILINE Footswitch
  • COVIDIEN Force Triad Electrosurgical Platform
  • DYONICS/smith& nephew 25 Fluid Management System
  • MIDMARK / RITTER Table top Autoclave – Sterilizer
  • Gyrus ACMI - PK Superpulse & G400 Workstation
  • STRYKER Dual Channel Smart Pump, Tourniquet System
  • STRYKER TPS 5100-8 Footswitch
  • STRYKER TPS Core Shaver System
  • STRYKER Crossfire Footswitch
  • STRYKER X8000 Light Source
  • STRYKER X6000 Light Source
  • STRYKER Crossfire Footswitch and Console
  • STRYKER 1288HD
  • VALLEYLAB Force FX, Electrosurgical Generator
  • VALLEYLAB Force 2, Electrosurgical Generator
  • VALLEYLAB SurgiStat , Electrosurgical Generator
  • VALLEYLAB LigaSure, Vessel Sealing System
  • VALLEYLAB Monopolar & Bipolar Footswitch
  • ZIMMER ATS 2000 & 3000 Automoatic Tourniquet System

Respiratory Equipment 

  • CAREFUSION - Infant Flow SiPAP , ventilator system.
  • PHILIPS / RESPIRONICS V60, Ventilator system.
  • PHILIPS / RESPIRONICS BiPAP Focus, ventilator system
  • Uni-Vent Eagle 754/754M ,Ventilator System

Specialty Monitoring Equipment

  • BIS (Bispectral Index) , Anesthesia Monitor.
  • BIS VISTA, Anesthesia Brain monitoring system.
  • GE MAC 5000,5500 and 5500HD Cardiograph System.
  • GE CAM 14 /CAM HD, Patient Acquisition Module.
  • GE MAC 1200, Cardiograph System.
  • GE DATEX OHMEDA S5 Anesthesia Monitor and Modules (E-CAiOV, E-RESTIN, M-CAiOV, M-PRESTIN)