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Patient Monitoring Accessories

Patient Monitoring Accessory Repairs

SPO2 Probes / Fetal Transducers / ECG Cables

Repairing your broken SPO2 probes, extension cables, fetal transducers, and ecg cables can help save your facility money. With Tenacore, you can extend the life of your cables without the need to replace them through the OEM.

Our quick turnaround allows for most repairs to be done in 2-3 days. We offer a complete 6 month warranty for all of our services. Each cable evaluated and repaired by Tenacore follows a traceable, ISO-13485:2003 certified process, and all materials are fully certified for biocompatibility.

SPO2 Models

  • Nellcor
  • HP/Philips
  • BCI
  • Spacelabs
  • Criticare
  • Datex-Ohmeda
  • Masimo
  • Novametrix
  • Nonin
  • Datascope

SPO2 Repair Includes

  • Replace Cable Assembly
  • Replace Probe Components
  • Replace Strain Relief
  • Replace Connector
  • Patient Monitoring Accessory Repairs

Fetal Transducer Models

  • Philips Avalon Transducer
  • Corometrics Nautilus Toco & Ultrasound
  • Corometrics 2260 Toco
  • Corometrics Trimline Toco
  • Corometrics 5700 Ultrasound
  • Corometrics 5600 Ultrasound
  • HP 1356 Ultrasound
  • HP 1355 Toco
  • HP 8040 Ultrasound

Fetal Transducer Repair Includes

  • Replace Transducer Case Parts
  • Replace Cable Assembly
  • Replace Crystals
  • Replace Gauge
  • Replace Board
  • Replace Strain Relief

ECG / EKG Repair

  • Repair / Exchange all cables and leadwires are exchanged for a new one.