Suction Regulator Repairs


Suction Regulator 

Wall Suction Regulator

Suction regulators are time consuming to repair. With Tenacore, you can feel safe to send your suction regulator to a trained technician for repair. Tenacore provides the highest quality regulator repair in the nation. Our qualified technicians are trained to repair your regulator to OEM specifications and our manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture replacement parts on-site.

Our quick turnaround allows for most repairs to be done in 2-3 days. We offer a complete 6 month warranty for all of our services. Each regulator evaluated and repaired by Tenacore follows a traceable, ISO-13485:2003 certified process, and all materials are fully certified for biocompatibility. Suction regulators must be sterilized prior to shipping to Tenacore, and include a certificate of sterilization, per US DOT regulations


  • Ohmeda
  • Ohio
  • Amvex
  • Vacutron/Chemetron- new and old style
  • Precision Medical
  • More

Exchange Program

As a manufacturer, Tenacore offers a repair/exchange program for your badly damaged or old suction regulators. Our repair/exchange program allows you to upgrade to Tenacore’s VeeVo™ regulator for a fraction of the price of a new replacement. Exchanges come with a 12 year warranty and a variety of color options. We will even reuse your old fittings to add additional savings to your purchase.