Ultrasound & TEE Probe

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Ultrasound and TEE Probe Repairs

Standard Ultrasound / TEE Probe Repairs

Tenacore now offers multi-vendor ultrasound probe repair at our state of the art repair facility. Our industry standard FirstCall test system along with our experienced engineers and technicians allow us to complete complex mechanical, electrical, and acoustic repairs cost-effectively. We can repair your probes for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Our quick turnaround allows for most repairs to be done in 2-3 days. We offer a complete 6 month warranty for all of our services. Each probe evaluated and repaired by Tenacore follows a traceable, ISO-13485:2003 certified process, and all materials are fully certified for biocompatibility.

Standard Probe Repair

  • Connector Repair
  • Probe Casing Repair
  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Full Cosmetic Refurbishment
  • Transducer Lens Replacement
  • Strain Relief Recasting
  • Cable Replacement

TEE Probe Repair

  • Lens Replacement
  • Bending Neck Rubbers
  • Cable Jacket Repair
  • Insertion Tube Recoat/Relabel
  • Connector Repair
  • Articulation Cable Replacement
  • Thermistor Replacement
  • Motor Control Repair